2024 AviCom Regional Champions

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Congratulations to the outstanding teams who have clinched the coveted title of district champions, earning the privilege to compete in the AviCom 2024 State Championship!

AviCom 2024, organized by Greenville Technical Charter High School and their lead aviation educator Doug Adomatis and supported by the Triple Tree Aerodrome, is a gathering of talented aviation high school programs from diverse districts, each vying for the opportunity to compete for the esteemed state title. The regions, based on congressional districts, are designed to foster fair and spirited competition and showcase the best of South Carolina’s vibrant aviation education community.

For more information about AviCom and its impact on aviation education, please visit https://lnkd.in/e-HEr5XZ.

You can find more information about the Regional Champions by clicking here  –> 2024 AviCom Regional Champions.


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