Aviation Centered Education

The Triple Tree Aerodrome (TTA) located in the Upstate of South Carolina, is proud to be the home of our very own Aviation Centered Education (ACE) programs.     Our ACE portfolio is multifaceted to include learners of all ages.   To accomplish this, we have created different programs.   

TTA offers these services at a free or reduced rate to our community as part of our mission to ignite and expand the passion for aviation!

The ACE Reader program has been developed for students in grades K-5.   In this program, a wide range of grade level appropriate books are selected by TTA to give our younger students an introduction to aviation principles and history. 

This program will open at the completion of the 2021 school year in South Carolina and close at the start of the subsequent school year. 

The ACE Reader program is open to any student in grades K-5.

Students will become ACE Readers when they have read 15 of the 20 books on the suggested reading list and they will be recognized at the 2022 Young Aviators Fly-In

This program is open to first time RC pilots ages 12-17.   Students will be given virtual classroom instruction followed by in person flying lessons.  Interested students should be live in proximity to the Triple Tree Aerodrome. 

We are happy to have graduated our Fall 2020 class!  If you would like to be put on the list for Spring 2021 please email ACE@tta.aero 


The ACE Aviation Program will start in the Summer of 2021.  This is a three-day aviation experience includes ground school lessons, STEM activities, Radio Control flying, basic restoration skills, and at the end of the program a flight opportunity in one of the Triple Tree Aircraft! 

  • The hours of the program are between 10 am and 3 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  • Space is limited for this program to no more than 8 students ages 15-18.
  • The cost of this program is $50 to cover expenses related to the program.
Applications will open in February of 2021.

Have you considered using the facilities at Triple Tree for a field trip? The Triple Tree Aerodrome is home to over 400 acres of land and multiple aircraft to supplement your existing lesson plan.

Our background checked volunteers will provide age appropriate lesson plans suitable for your class.

*Class size minimum and maximums apply*

Please email ACE@tta.aero and include ACE InReach in the subject line.

Triple Tree Aerodrome is blessed with a wide variety of aviation and education professionals.  These background checked volunteers are able to visit your classroom to supplement an existing lesson plan or provide one of our specific lesson plans on a wide variety of subjects!

Please email ACE@tta.aero and include ACE Outreach in the subject line.

This program is held in partnership with AOPA.  If you’re like more than 500,000 other pilots (that’s right, half a million), you’ve taken a little breather from flying. Maybe more than a little. Perhaps life threw you a curve. Maybe the pitter-patter of little feet, a growing business, or a medical setback had something to do with it. Whatever the case, things are different now. You’re back in the game and would like to start flying again then this program is for you.

Programs are held on a scheduled basis in partnership with AOPA.

Triple Tree Aerodrome believes in using our resources to serve as an extension of the classroom.  ACE Teacher events are held in partnership with our local school districts.  We are proud to host teacher professional development for schools throughout the Upstate of South Carolina.  

Teachers attending these events are given STEM Lessons to use in their classroom and can earn professional development credits.

Please email ACE@tta.aero and include ACE Teacher in the subject line.

2020 Scholarship Winners

  • Stacy Boone
  • Alex Kirkland
  • Brighton McDonald
  • Malena Modir
  • Slade Rosamond
  • Ben Templeton
  • Greenville Technical Charter High School
  • Bells Crossing Elementary

Applications for the 2021 ACE Scholarships will be open in February 2021.


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