Heli Extravaganza

TBD 2021


The Triple Tree Aerodrome and our Board of Directors have been closely monitoring the developing COVID-19 global pandemic.  The number of cases has continually increased, and our great State of South Carolina is no exception.

It brings us great sadness to announce that we will be canceling the 2020 Heli Extravaganza.  

We look forward to 2021 when we can greet you at the iconic gates of The Triple Tree Aerodrome. Until then, stay safe and look out for each other. 


Pilots and Vendors

$40 Pre-Registered ($50 on-site) regardless of how many days.  

Pilot/Vendor registration includes lunch on Saturday.


$5 regardless of how many days.   

Ages 12 and under are FREE! (with a paying adult)

Flying 24 Hours a Day!

Dawn till Dusk

  • 6 Open Pilot Stations on the main fight line.
  • Sliding Autorotation instruction and practice at the ‘Electric Line’ except Saturday afternoon during the Contest. Please visit the special events tab for more information about the Sliding Auto Contest.

Night Flying

  • Under the lights and full dark at the north end of the flight  line

Please remember this is a  helicopter event. Fixed wing aircraft are limited to float planes and small foamies flown away from daytime flight lines.

Regular (Dry) Camping 

$10 per night ($15 day of)

Premium Camping

Please No campers/RVs on the Flight Line

Please no camping hooked to power at the pump station by the pond

Breakfast and Lunch

Served each day near the Lower Pavilion.  Breakfast Muffins will be available for $2.  Lunch prices will vary between $5 to $15 for Lunch.


Served around 6:30 each night (unless noted)

  • Dinner meal tickets can only be purchased during pre-registration or pilot/vendor registration on site
  • Purchase meal tickets during pre-registration for best pricing
  • Credit cards are accepted. 
Thursday – Taco Salad $10 ($15 Day of)
Friday – Cook Your Own Steak  $20 ($25 Day of)
  • Steak
  • Potato Salad
  • Cole Slaw
  • Dinner Roll
  • Banana Pudding
Saturday – Pork Loin: $15 ($20 day of)
  • Pork Loin
  • Potatoes
  • Garden Green Beans
  • Apple Sauce
  • Brownie Sundae

Ready for the 2nd Annual Sliding Auto Contest? — It’s Free!

Ready for a break from piro flips, hurricanes, and inverted auto overspeeds? Something relaxing and amusing? Random RC is sponsoring a Sliding Autorotation Contest

There’s no cost to enter and you get a cool T-shirt for participating.

The Program
    • Before the Contest: Visit the Pilots’ Lounge for your Official Contest T-Shirt
    • Thursday-Friday: Practice and expert (Instructor Pilots TBD closer to the event) instruction
    • Saturday: the Contest (approximately 2 hours)
The Contest Rules
    1. Helicopters must be 550 size or larger.
    2. Each helicopter will have Random RC skis attached to the skids.
    3. Each pilot will fly up to four autos.
    4. The autorotation must begin at or above 50’ AGL (OK, we’ll eyeball it).
    5. Initial touchdown must be within the marked 30′ long ‘touchdown zone.’
    6. (The touchdown zone has a ‘foul line.’ The helicopter must touch down before the foul line in order for a slide to count.)
    7. Sliding distance is measured from the foul line to the position of the main rotor shaft at the end of the slide. (This method eliminates the need for spotters and marking the initial touchdown point. Pilots should endeavor to touch down as close to the ‘foul line’ as possible to have the maximum amount of their slide distance included in their score.)
    8. Intentionally lifting off the surface after initial touchdown or bouncing and floating more than 5′ will ‘scratch’ that attempt.            
The Winners
    • Longest Single Slide
    • Longest Combined Three Slides
    • Longest Failed Auto ‘Tumble’ (or debris field)

All three winners will receive:

          A set of Random RC skis (slightly used) with Skid Clamps mounted to fit their heli,

          Bragging rights for at least until the next contest!

Future Dates

  • October TBD, 2021
  • October TBD, 2022
  • October TBD, 2023

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