South Carolina Breakfast Club

TBD 2021


Every other Sunday since 1938, pilots and aviation enthusiasts have met for breakfast at an airport somewhere in South Carolina and a few surrounding states – missing only events during World War II when aircraft fuel was not available.  Pilots are a resourceful bunch and figured out how to fly by running their airplanes on car gas.

The Breakfast Club resumed meetings two years later and continues to this day.

Triple Tree is proud to support this tradition in our State!

How does it work?

There are no dues and no meeting requirements. Attend once and you are a member for life. The only rule is to fly safe.

Fly in or drive to the airport, belly up and talk aircraft, aviation, or anything else, to your heart’s content.

Pilot or non-pilot, everyone is welcome!

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Breakfast is around $6 – $10 per plate, is ready about 9 am, and there is always plenty.

Future Dates

  • TBD 2021
  • TBD 2022
  • TBD 2023

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