Youth Masters Invitational

July 26-28, 2024

Since 2000, Triple Tree is happy to welcome present and future IMAC pilots and their friends and families for a weekend of fun, learning, and friendly competition.

Youth Masters is an invitational event open to pilots up to 16 years old. Students learn not only how to fly IMAC but how to handle large IMAC capable planes as well as to conduct themselves at a contest and how to properly represent their parents and potentially their sponsors

There is no entry fee, and several meals were even provided for the attendees. Experienced pilots, mostly past competitors that have either aged out or won out, are on hand to take off and land the planes, all the contestants must do is fly their sequence.
The students are broken into two classes: Basic and Advanced.

The winners of the Basic class automatically move up to Advanced level the following year. If you win Advanced or have turned 17, you become an instructor that helps take off and land and prepare the planes for the other students. Several students that have turned 17 have been coming back to volunteer for several years to instruct and help out as a way to give back to the younger students.

Future Dates

  • July 26-28, 2024
  • July 25-27, 2025
  • July 24-25, 2026

*Traditionally this event is held the last weekend in July.

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