Fairchild Parts Inventory

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The Triple Tree Aerodrome has been gifted a large quantity of Fairchild parts stored in a semi-trailer.  The parts are primarily for a PT-19, PT-23, & PT-26.  Note: The Fairchild PT-19, PT-23 and PT-26 all have the same fuselage, wings etc. The PT-23 has a radial engine. The PT-19 is open cockpit. The PT-26 has a sliding glass canopy. Other than these differences, they are identical.

Due to operational restrictions, we have been unable to properly inventory the contents of the trailer until now.   As of March 2022, we now have an accurate inventory of the contents.

This documentation book consists of over 100 pages of inventory documents for review and comment. Triple Tree is looking to partner with an individual or an organization to help these parts get to the right owners to keep this iconic and historical aircraft flying.

Click here for the picture inventory 

Please direct any questions or comments to info@tta.aero

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