Frequently Asked Questions

Overall Information

First of all, THANK YOU!  We are grateful for any donation.  There are two options.

1.)  Please visit our donation page by CLICKING HERE and you can make a secure donation through papal.

2.) You can mail a check to:

330 Mary Hanna Rd.

Woodruff, SC 29388

You can learn about our Legacy Walk by clicking here.  When you are ready to order please visit

Pavers are installed twice a year.  In the Spring before Joe Nall and again in the Fall before the Triple Tree Fly-In.

Yes, we are a recognized 501c3 registered with the Internal Revenue Service and the South Carolina Secretary of State. 

We are proud to have earned a platinum rating with Guidestar.  The platinum rating is earned by less than 1% of all non-profits and showcases our commitment to non-profit transparency.  

Along with the obvious, enjoying looking at airplanes and meeting old and new new friends.  We have many spe We also have cookouts every night. Please visit the food and hospitality page for menus. Finally, Triple Tree Aerodrome offers hiking / walking trails and some of the best bass and bream fishing you will ever experience. The Enoree River runs across the back of the property and is accessible for all kinds of water recreation.

Yes, you can venture off on your own for shopping, dining, visiting local battle grounds and plantation houses. We are close to downtown Greenville and Spartanburg.  

We want you to enjoy your time at Triple Tree and if that includes volunteering we can always use the help.

The biggest thing you can do is help to keep our facility clean of any debris.  If you see some trash, please pick it up and place it in one of our trash cans.  Thank you!

  • If you are heading North on SC-221 from Enoree SC take first left past Mary Hanna Rd onto Racetrack Rd then take immediate left onto Kilgore Bridge Rd for approximately 2 miles. Then turn left on to Mary Hanna Rd.
  • If you are heading South on SC-221 from Woodruff SC take first right past Greenhaven Memorial Gardens (Cemetery) onto Racetrack Rd then take immediate left onto Kilgore Bridge Rd for approximately 2 miles. Then turn left on to Mary Hanna Rd.
  • If you are using google maps, you will see a Joe Nall RV Route listed.

No. You must be a member or a guest of a member of a flying organization like: EAA, FAA, AMA, AOPA, etc. You will be asked to show your membership card.


Yes, arrangements must be made with Enterprise directly at the Spartanburg Airport off Blackstock Rd. Their phone number is 864-576-6750.  Enterprise requires a 3 day minimum on all rental cars.  

Please make sure you are making your reservation through the BLACKSTOCK ROAD location.

In the air, no :)  but on the roads yes.

The Speed Limit on the roads is 12 MPH.  

The age limit for driving not only golf carts but all motorized vehicles at Triple Tree Aerodrome is 16 years of age or older.

Children who are under 16 years of age are not permitted to drive any motorized vehicles.  This includes private golf carts and motorcycles.

Note: Any low profile or “go karts” are prohibited.  

Yes, they must be on a leash and please pick up after your pet.

No, due to safety, liability and other considerations Triple Tree does not s provide alcohol for any of our events.

During dinners, we may have a 3rd party vendor who is able to sell alcohol.

If you are of age, you are welcome to bring your own beverages.  We ask that you drink responsibly so as to assure your safety and the safety of others.

Please be sure to abide by federal and state laws as well as the FARs. 

We can offer full refunds 14 days before the start day of the event.  After that, refunds will only be issued for a medical emergency or deaths in the family. 

Golf Cart cancellations may be subject to a $25 fee.  This fee is to help our supplier during their busy times of the year to allocate inventory correctly.

This was a conversation overheard between two children who where excited to be at Triple Tree. 

Yes!  We are at Triple Tree! I know this is your first time so lets go over some rules.  Its not like school these are easy.

1.)  Have fun

2.)  Be Nice

3.)  Don’t be a “ding dong”

4.)  Clean up after yourself

Pretty much sums it up!

Radio Control

As in years past, we will start lines beginning at a location near the Welcome Center on a first come-first served basis. When that row is filled, an orange cone will be placed at the end of a line and another line will be started. On Friday, at 5:00 pm the horn will sound! 

Guests will be released in the order they arrived (i.e. first line formed will be first line released, then the next line and so on until all are released).

Please note that any PILOTS, TEAM PILOTS and VENDOR PILOTS are considered guests and like all others, they must wait in line 

For Joe Nall and Nall in the Fall please, No flying before Friday 5:00 p.m.

No, in the past, waiting guests have walked “over the hill” and “staked out” spots to “reserve” them so that they are held and available when they are released. This practice has included Main Line tents as well as camping spots.

We will have “fairness” volunteers that will monitor the property. Anyone “staking out” an area or erecting any Flight Line tent in advance of the horn will be asked to remove it. If the owner can’t be found after a reasonable search, the “stake out” marker or tent will be removed by Triple Tree.

As a general rule (except where allowed on the electric line) no campers or toy haulers (campers which have living quarters in one section and a trailer in the other) will be allowed on the flight lines. Also, the number of camping tents along the flight line has increased to the point we need to make some changes. There will be signs posted in the flight line tent area, “Tent Camping on this side only” and “No Tent Camping on this side” these signs will be spaced away from the center of the flight lines.

Classic (Main) Line
Fly a normal racetrack pattern. Basic aerobatics are ok. NO 3D flying

3d Line
There will be a safety line painted in front of the flight stations. Keep all 3D maneuvers beyond this painted line. No high energy maneuvers with aircraft headed towards flight line or spectators.

Float Flying
Fly only from flight stations. Individual sand beach flight stations and a dock are provided. Rescue boat is available. Do not overfly campers. Stay over the lake.

Heli Line
Fly only from flight stations. Remain within your flight box.

Electric Line
This rapidly expanding area is the new favorite and is designed to accommodate electric park flyers and slower, smaller electrics (less than 80” wingspan). Flying style is open to pilot discretion.

We are asking that there are only two people per flight station.  One pilot and One Spotter.  The spotters job is to be a spotter and not to take pictures of your flight.

If you would like to have shots of your flight please coordinate with the flightline boss.  This is for your safety!

Yes. The Special Rule for Model Aircraft, which is part of the 2012 FAA Modernization and Reform Act, allows AMA members to operate model aircraft over 55 lbs as long as they are operating in accordance with AMA’s Large Model Aircraft safety program. AMA members can also fly turbine jets provided the operator holds a current AMA Turbine Waiver.

The FPV flight line will be behind 3D next to the river. All FPV flying will be done at this flight line. No camera drones allowed at any other flight lines.

If you crash or see a crash, make a mental note of where you where standing and where you last saw the model reference some landmark (tree, just to the left of the tower, etc.). With this info, the Triple Tree Crash Crew can usually retrieve it. Yes, we do have a cherry picker truck for accessible, low hanging tree landings and a boat for lake retrieval.


This is PRIVATE PROPERTY and we have select volunteers who are graciously allowed on their property.  Please help us stay in good graces with our neighbors.

Triple Tree is not an enforcement agency. It is the responsibility of the operator to ensure regulatory compliance with the operation of their airplane.

General Aviation

7000ft by 400ft. extremely smooth grass. Think golf course!  (remember during events our advisory is in effect which will reduce the length of the runway)

4000ft by 200ft. We suggest you come look at the lake before attempting to land there. You can call Rob Traynham ahead of your arrival for specifics at (864) 640-6573(864) 640-6573

There is a link on this site here, detailing the suggested arrival procedures.

No. We do have a professionally manned, restored military control tower but use it in an advisory only capacity during select General Aviation events.  You can ( and we suggest you do) contact the advisory tower (See Arrival Suggestions) by radio on 122.9 when you enter the area.

Yes, the people who run our advisory tower are current air traffic controllers that act in an advisory capacity.

We have trained people who will guide you to your parking location and assist you with anything you need upon arrival. After exiting the runway please switch your radio to 123.9 to talk with the ground control personnel.

No, but everyone must pay an admission fee at either the welcome center or pilots lounge.

No, we do not sell fuel.  However, we do have 100LL for emergency only.

We have plenty of parking spaces for your vehicle.  For everyone’s safety, we have designated parking areas for vehicles and airplane.  

–>Click here for our General Aviation map for parking/camping<–

A Note from the Triple Tree Staff & Volunteers

All of us at Triple Tree are excited to welcome both our new and old friends to Triple Tree again this year. Please, leave all of the world’s stress behind you at our gates. Once through that famous Triple Tree gate is a world of flying fun and friends. Come enjoy a true “aviator’s field of dreams”. It was conceived, constructed and carefully manicured just for YOU!

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