Flight Lines

Flight Lines

Here is a list of flight lines and aircraft guidelines. We have tried to include as many aircraft styles as possible, but we cannot include everything.*  

Main (Classic) Flight Line

  • Daily Briefings at 10 am
  • For giant-scale models. Fly in a racetrack pattern.
    • 80″ mono-wing
    • 60” biplane or 1/4 scale
  • 6 pilot stations
  • Special Emphasis Area:
    • In accordance with AMA regulations, Triple Tree will be checking for Turbine Waivers.

3D Line

  • Daily safety briefings will be held starting on Saturday at 10 am in the lower gazebo*
  • Pilots must attend one of these briefings to receive a separate wristband to fly on the 3-D line
  • Special Emphasis Areas:
    • Please, no High-energy maneuvers toward the crowd
    • Maneuvers towards the crowd must be at an altitude at or above the gazebo
    • All high-energy maneuvers stop at 10 pm.
    • Fail Safes set to Low Speed. (Triple Tree can assist with setting your fail-safe)
    • 1 Pilot and 1 Spotter per flight station
    • All photography must be coordinated with the Flight Line Boss

*If someone comes between the briefings (for example they arrive at 1 pm on Tuesday) they can fly and are suggested to attend the following days briefing.


  • The flight boss must check All FPV Frequencies at this line.
  • FPV may only be flown in this area—NO camera drones on other flight lines.

Float Line

  • Float planes of all types. (boats are also allowed off to the side) 
  • Any size aircraft
  • Please fly over the lake and not over the campers.
  • 5 pilot stations


  • Daily briefing at 10 am
  • Electric Park flyer and slow flyer style planes. 3D flying must be at electric 3D pilot stations on the south end.
  • Wing span Less than 80″
  • 5 pilot stations


  • All heli’s Flown at the Far North Field
  • No size restriction.
  • 7 pilot stations

Control Line

  • All control line flying.
  • 3 circles


  • We are sorry but we can not accommodate GLOW aircraft.
  • This is a scale meet, so please, no pattern aircraft

Fly 24 hours a day!

Controlled flying: 9:00 am till 6:00 pm: Flight line Procedure and designated aircraft type will be enforced.

After hours flying- all AMA safety rules still apply.

No Gas engines after 10:00 PM

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