Triple Tree’s P-51 Tempus Fugit Update

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When Pat and Mary Lou donated the property to the Triple Tree 501c3 non-profit over ten years ago, it was a gift like no other.  Their vision was to create an experiment in aviation where people gathered together to experience fun, fellowship, and hospitality. They always intended for this special place to serve many, many future generations.

Over the years, the Triple Tree Aerodrome has grown to host some of the most significant aviation events across the globe, and our Aviation Centered Education (ACE) portfolio has ignited and expanded the passion for aviation among countless individuals. These events and programs are just the beginning of our (the Triple Tree team) collective dreams.

To ensure that Triple Tree can indeed serve these future generations, an absolutely solid base must be built. As a result, the decision has been made by the Triple Tree Aerodrome Board of Directors to sell our P-51 Mustang. This decision was not made lightly. Rather, the decision was made with the board’s duty to solidify the future of Triple Tree in mind.

This aircraft is a treasured piece of American history and an iconic part of Triple Tree but It is said amongst aviation enthusiasts that you never really own a plane; you are just blessed with the pleasure of being it’s caretaker for a while. This Mustang helped win the war that ensured our ability to enjoy many things including aviation. It is now going to do the same for generations to come. Maybe it’s name is telling us all something, “Tempus Fugit” – Time Flies.

The proceeds of the sale of the P-51 will be used to grow our financial endowment.  The goal of this endowment will be to help perpetually fund Triple Tree to ensure its longevity and for Pat’s and Mary Lou’s vision to live on indefinitely.

We are excited to begin this next chapter of Triple Tree together.  Please consider a tax deductible donation to our financial endowment and help us grow Triple Tree together.

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