The New TTA Mower

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The boys at Triple Tree think big! In an effort to speed mowing chores, Pat Hartness, Joey Griffon, Mark Davidson and a host of other creative Triple Tree Aviators devised a 36 foot wide, tractor-pulled mower. Named “Deere John”, a huge generator suppliers hydraulic power to each of the 12, 10 horsepower rotary heads. To save even more time, there’s an ingenious system that allows the height of each deck to be adjusted simultaneously at the touch of a button.

Demonstrated at Joe Nall 2012, the huge mower will cut the entire 5000 foot runway in two passes – total time is only 12 minutes.

A GPS system will be incorporated to insure the runway is perfectly straight from one end to the other.

Come check it out the next time you’re at TTA – it’s another engineering marvel.

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