Venues Trails

The Triple Tree Aerodrome has over six miles of walking trails on the West and East sides. 

Currently, the EAST Trails are CLOSED.   

Please enjoy the trails and help us keep them clean by leaving them in better condition than when you found them.  And look out along the way, and there are surprises hidden in the woods for you to find!

Trail Lengths (listed in Miles)

  • Orange trail (0.9)
    • South Carolina Aviation History
  • Yellow trail (0.6)
    • Triple Tree History
  • Green Trail (0.2)
  • Red trail (0.15 mi)
  • Blue trail (0.15)
  • Black trail  (0.1)


  • During times of rain, many of the trails will be challenging to traverse.
  • Please stay on the marked trails and leave them cleaner than you found them.
  • Motorized vehicles (including golf carts) are not permitted on the trails

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